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The Ford Model T in San Antonio and South Texas

Welcome to this San Antonio Ford Model T web site, hosted by the Texas Transportation Museum. The Texas Transportation Museum and many individual owners are keeping the Model T alive in San Antonio and surrounding region. There are around 175 Ford Model Ts in San Antonio and surrounding are - Not including all the ones we don't know about yet. Model Ts come in many varieties: including two seat runabouts, four seat tourers, heavy duty trucks and other more specialized versions, such as single seat race cars, depot hacks and ambulances.

Model T owners are very friendly. It seems like everywhere we go we find more Model Ts and owners. Some have no idea there are so many more Ts out there. One moment they are struggling alone and the next they are enjoying the company and support of some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet in the old car hobby. The Model T seems to bring out the best in us or they simply attract the best in the first place. It takes real dedication to keep these old vehicles, some now over 100 years old, in running condition. Just driving them requires a set of skills quite different from modern vehicles but the rewards they give, in terms of driving experience and fellowship with such great people is worth all the effort.

Many Model T owners in San Antonio and the surrounding area are very busy!. They can be found in Boerne, Castroville, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, Uvalde and as far as Corpus Christi. They try to do something special every month. Our activities include cruises around San Antonio and other towns in the region, car shows, parades and some charity events, plus technical sessions on subjects as diverse as basic maintenance to how to change transmission bands. You never stop learning when you have a Model T.

Ford Model T Activities

Ford Model T owners are are some of the busiest vintage car people in San Antonio. We try to have one activity every month. It can be a tour within San Antonio, a cruise in the region, a car show or participation in other civic events. Check out the activities calendar in the right hand column for details about all upcoming T related activities.

National Club Affiliations

Here are links to both national Ford Model T clubs. Click the logos below to visit their web sites.

The Model T Ford Club of America is based in Centerville, Indiana. Membership includes their "Vintage Ford" magazine.

The Model T Ford Club International is based in HUdson, North Carolina. Membership includes their "Model T Times" magazine.

Ford Model T Activities

See "Events Calender" page on the right for details about upcoming events, and "Activities" pages for images from T related activities.

Ford Model Ts on River Road near New Braunfels.

San Antonio Ford Model T Show
- FREE for participants and public !

Click "Model T Show" links on the right for more information, and pictures of previous T shows.

The "San Antonio Ford Model T Show" is the area's biggest annual Model T event. Look for the dates of this huge gathering of Model T from all around South Texas on our event calendar in the right hand column. The show runs from 10 AM to 5 PM both days. There are usually around 30 and 40 Model Ts of all kinds, from single seat race cars to ambulances and one ton trucks. The Ts come from across Texas, from San Angelo to Schulenburg. 2015 will be our 9th annual event. The two day show is held at the Texas Transportation Museum, 11731 Wetmore Road, San Antonio TX 78247.
Thanks to the continuing sponsorship of the Red McCombs Automotive Group, admission to the event, and the entire museum, including train rides, is ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!


Car shows and parades are great but what Model T owners really likes to do is simply drive our cars! We choose destinations within San Antonio, such as Brackenridge Park or the historic missions. We also take our cars by trailers out of the city and go on scenic back roads tours. We have been to Medina, Guadalupe and Caldwell Counties. These tours bring out the best in our club. Great cars, great company and great food that we either bring ourselves or at wonderful local restaurants.

Car Shows

You will find Model Ts at most open car shows in our area. We take part as a group and individually. If possible, like the Shriner Charity Show pictured above, we try to get there early and claim a group section, or you may find us spread out among the other collector cars.


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